Whistleblower online form

Our whistleblowing policy (the “Policy”) provides a mechanism for everyone to raise genuine concerns, whilst offering protection from victimization, harassment, or disciplinary proceedings for those who do so and aims to:
  • Offer a platform to allow employees and business stakeholders to voice out any potential unethical practices/suspicions.
  • Encourage you to feel confident in raising serious suspicions and/or concerns at the earliest opportunity. 
  • Reassure you that you will be protected from possible reprisals or victimisation if you have made any disclosure in good faith.
  • Implement a mechanism to enable a central (and independent) investigation based on information received.
Feel free to express any issues or worries you may have:

Please provide an email address so that you may be given feedback on the case following investigations/if further information is required.

Disclaimer: I am disclosing the information in good faith; I believe the information to be substantially true; I am not acting maliciously or making false allegations; and I am not seeking any personal or financial gain.

Please note that making any deliberately false or malicious allegations is a serious disciplinary offence, and a civil or criminal offense, which may result in disciplinary or legal action against you.