our commitment

The Hematlal Veljee Foundation
Our Group’s values do not stop at our doors but extend to the outside world as well. We are aware of the challenges faced by the most vulnerable in society and strongly believe that education is key. Through The Hematlal Veljee Foundation, we contribute to children’s basic education in Madagascar so that they can enjoy better prospects in the future. We also support several organisations in Mauritius and Madagascar that works towards the alleviation of poverty and food insecurity.
Given the extent of our business activities, we are acutely concerned about land and marine preservation, which is why we are focused in improving our sustainable initiatives by being actively involved in natural revegetation campaigns in Madagascar and by supporting the relevant NGOs in Mauritius.


As we grow in size and business operations, our concern towards the improvement of life in general is proportional. We aim to, one day, contribute to all the Sustainable Development goals as set out by the United Nations. We have currently prioritized our commitment to seven of the UN Sustainable Development goals that are in line with our business activities, our purpose and values, and CSR initiatives.


HV Holdings Ltd operates in Mauritius and Madagascar. With more than 2,500 employees, the Group is among the Top 100 companies in the Indian Ocean.