About the Hematlal Veljee Foundation

Discover the purpose of our foundation by exploring the diverse causes we champion, from poverty alleviation and food security, education to environmental concerns such as land and marine preservation and meet our dedicated partners, who are the driving force behind our mission.
Join us in making lives better by supporting our initiatives in Madagascar and Mauritius.

our causes

We have identified four key pillars that encapsulate our areas of focus and intervention: Education, Poverty and Food Insecurity, Environment, and Sports Health. These pillars are our response to pressing social necessities while being core considerations in our clusters operations and processes.


We believe that education is a powerful tool for alleviating poverty and fostering social and economic empowerment.

Poverty & Food Security

We are all in a relentless pursuit to eradicate the cycle of poverty, and are conscious of the urgency. Which is why we have pledged to support vulnerable communities through food and financial aids.


We recognize the critical importance of preserving our environment and biodiversity. Through various conservation efforts, reforestation initiatives, and sustainable practices, we contribute to the protection of our terrestrial ecosystems and marine life.

Sports & Health

We believe in the transformative power of sports to foster physical fitness, mental well-being, and a sense of community. Through our initiatives, we encourage active lifestyles and support various awareness campaigns for better health.

our partners

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