our clusters

HV Holdings Ltd is involved in four areas of activity, namely fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), which mainly operates in Madagascar. We also market a large spectrum of home equipment and multimedia brands that are market leaders in both Mauritius and Madagascar. We manage franchises and have investments in real estate. These activities are structured under three strategic clusters.


Through HV International Trade Ltd, our central purchasing arm, we are the exclusive distributors and/or owners of numerous brands of imported foodstuff including milk, cheese, margarine, savour cubes, sweets, chips, seasoning products, energy drinks, as well as products for everyday use such as batteries, candles, lighters, razor blades, cosmetic products and insecticides. Based in Mauritius, HV International Trade Ltd manages import operations in the FMCG as well as in the Home Equipment and Multimedia sector for the Madagascar territory.

Retail &

Our Home equipment and multimedia brands constitute an important part of our retail and distribution cluster. Our activities include import/export, distribution, sale to the public, offering of credit and payment facilities to clients, after sales service as well as online sales.


With the Group’s growth over time, there was a need to set up offices, warehouses, production areas and points of sales in both Mauritius and Madagascar, constituting our initial real estate portfolio. Thanks to the experience gained through this endeavour, we branched out to include property rental in our business activities. Today, property rental is one of the main pillars of our real estate cluster, whose assets act as strong guarantees to financial institutions. Over 50 hectares of land have been earmarked for future development and residential and non-residential estate projects.