DeFacto: Unveiling Turkish Fashion at Tribeca Mall

HV is delighted to announce the grand opening of its latest franchise brand DeFacto at Tribeca Mall on 20 October 2023. DeFacto is a stylish Turkish brand celebrated for its high-quality men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories.

Founded in 2005, DeFacto is among Turkish fashion industry leaders and is a global player. It operates in 93 countries with more than 500 stores and has a strong online presence all over the world.

DeFacto’s founding philosophy and values are based on a respectful production for the ecosystem, protection of the world and natural resources, adding value to people, and a sensible stance towards social issues. Thus, the opening of DeFacto in Tribeca Mall marks a significant milestone for the brand and HV Group, inviting fashionistas to discover a fresh style along with strong values.

The store features a curated collection that reflects DeFacto’s dedication to high-quality standards and unique designs for customers of all ages. They are committed to offering a fashion concept that everyone will feel comfortable and good with the motto ‘you should love yourself first’.

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