Production Supervisor


The Sofa Makers Ltd is recruiting a Production Supervisor - Upholstery, foaming, finishing and quality control.

Main Purpose:

Supervise and coordinate activities of employees engaged in upholstery, foaming, and finishing of Sofas. He/She will have to monitor productivity rates, standards, and perform regular quality control checks. The job holder report to the Production Manager.

Key duties and responsibilities

  • Supervise, coordinate, lead and review work of assigned members.
  • Arrange and coordinate the production scheduling for upholstery, foaming, and finishing.
  • Instill the principle of ‘Do it right the first time’ among the employees.
  • Ensure the proper finishing of Sofas including the smoothing of the surfaces of parts or materials.
  • Inspect the production process at every stage for quality assurance purposes and document/discard defects as instructed by the Production Manager.
  • Continuously find ways to improve process to increase output and improve quality.
  • Provide regular training to its subordinates for continual improvement and to achieve the organisational objectives.
  • Identify the need for machine maintenance and minor repairs.
  • Ensure that health and safety guidelines are always followed.
  • Submit daily work reports to the Production Manager.
  • Capacity to act as operator, replace absentees when so required to meet production targets, or as directed by the Production Manager.

Candidate Profile

  • Preference will be given to candidate who has job experience and extensive knowledge of production management.
  • Preferably with a science background at HSC level.
  • Must be familiar with upholstery, foaming, finishing and quality control.
  • Conversant with IT tools such as ERP.
  • Ability to prioritize, multi-task, operate proactively, delegate tasks, work as a team and handle challenges.
  • Excellent coordination and mechanical skills.
  • Good understanding of lean manufacturing principles.
  • Ability to work flexible work schedules.
  • Knowledge in safety procedures at work and ensure compliance with applicable safety standards and regulations.

Selected candidates will be required to go through a practical assessment.

Last date to apply: 10 November 2023.

The Sofa Makers Ltd is an Equal Opportunity Employer and reserves the right to call only the best candidates for an interview.

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