HV International Trade Limited is recruiting a Brand & Product Executive to join its Procurement Department. 

The job incumbent shall partner with stakeholders to plan, develop, source and manage international procurement arrangements to effectively meet organisational and business objectives. He/ She shall have extensive knowledge in IT related products. 

Main Purpose:

 The job incumbent shall be responsible to: 

  • Adhere to procurement procedures and processes. 
  • Work in collaboration with the Sales team both in Mauritius and Madagascar to conduct sales forecasting of Distribution and Retail. 
  • Assist in the preparation of the yearly / quarterly purchase plan. 
  • Conduct purchase Analysis of actual v/s forecasted and specify the reasons for the variances and propose action plan to remedy the results. 
  • Assist follow-up on stock ageing with other Group Companies/Clients, raise the flag and propose action plan on EOL/slow moving and discontinued products. 
  • Conduct and/or ensure competitor surveys / analysis are done on a regular basis on their products and price. 
  • Conduct market research and gather information in view of developing new product lines. 
  • Conduct Product training, whenever required. 
  • Liaise with suppliers regarding Marketing funds, end of year rebates, after-sales support. 
  • Negotiate regularly with suppliers for marketing and price support for our promotional campaigns. 
  • Ensure that clients have sufficient stock level of procured products. 
  • Assist in the preparation of clearance plan well in advance prior to a change in product line-up. 
  • Assist in the preparation of regular reports for decision making. 
  • Negotiate best terms and conditions of contract with suppliers and clients. 
  • Source and acquire brands in line of business activities/model. 
  • Assist Management whenever required on an adhoc basis. 
  • Adhere to the Company’s Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives. 
  • Act as a model and in accordance with Company’s values and corporate guidelines. 

The job holder will report to the Chief Executive Officer and/or any other person as assigned by Management. 

Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following


  • Adhere to procurement procedures and processes in line with the business operations. 
  • Assist in the developing and implementing strategies for procuring, storing, and distributing goods or services and maintaining optimum stock levels for our business units in order not to miss sales. 
  • Assist in leveraging both a global and regional perspective to quickly assimilate external information (e.g. market drivers, macroeconomic conditions, etc.) to anticipate its impact across the business and develop associated strategies and action plans to maximise opportunities. 
  • Maintain strong relationships across the organisation. 
  • Promote an environment of teamwork and emphasise the importance of strong project management. 
  • Help in nurturing relationships with suppliers to negotiate the best prices for Company. 
  • Identify and look for potential new suppliers. 
  • Research new products and services to meet company's objectives. 
  • Assess total costs of company purchases and advise on appropriate recommendation for cost optimisation. 
  • Coordinate with suppliers for marketing refunds. 
  • Negotiate with suppliers to get discounts on shop display products to avoid losses for the Company. 
  • Prepare Landed costs prior importation for competitor analysis purposes. 
  • Create and maintain a database of suppliers, manufacturers, and key business stakeholders in view of ensuring Business Continuity Plan. 
  • Conduct client costing whenever required. 
  • Attend overseas Trade fairs as and when requested by Management. 
  • Facilitate coordination of visiting clients/suppliers as and when requested by Management. 


  • Assist in sales presentations to clients. 
  • Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status. 
  • Contribute to a positive work environment among staffs. 
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering timely and quality services. 
  • Assist in developing marketing plans to achieve sales target and increase brand visibility. 
  • Conduct market research to study client’s behaviour, latest trends and competitor activity. 

Product Development: 

  • Develop new products in existing markets. 
  • Conduct market research and analysis prior launching new products. 
  • Oversee product line and trend direction with the aim of creating a focused portfolio of products. 
  • Work closely with the Sales & Marketing Team to ensure product requirements. 
  • Approve prototype samples for construction style details. 
  • Prepare and initiate design specification packages. 
  • Conduct regular competitivity market surveys to find new product ideas. 

Profile & Qualifications (Ideally)

  • Diploma in Procurement Management or equivalent. 
  • Good negotiation and influencing skills. 
  • Good verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Demonstrated experience at building relationships with other departments and players in the market. 
  • Ability to manage sales operations independently. 
  • Ability to manage effectively in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Ability to manage multiple situations simultaneously. 
  • Ability to manage resources to ensure that established service levels are achieved at all times. 
  • Demonstrate Leadership skills. 
  • Demonstrate strong managerial skills in a customer-centric environment. 
  • Demonstrate strong problem-solving skills. 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. 


  • Minimum 5 years in a similar position in a dynamic business environment 

Deadline: 15 February 2024

HV INTERNATIONAL TRADE LIMITED is an Equal Opportunity Employer and reserves the right to call only the best candidates for an interview.

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